We are Hospitality Managers for Conferences, Meetings, Events and Travel by Corporates, Groups Team visits and individuals We provide logistics support and content for travel for conferences and group tours.

Logistics support includes accommodation, travel arrangements on ground by coach or by car, interpreter services including simultaneous interpretation, entertainment and local engagements, dining and gourmet cuisine arrangements. We select best dining experiences be it a working lunch, relaxing evening or lunch on the move

Content support includes speakers, interaction with thought leaders, visits to on-site locations, meetings, talks. We also arrange cultural entertainment, yoga classes, boat cruises or visits to heritage sites. We aim to provide a pleasant, wonderful, memorable experience with complete ease and comfort.

We are competent to handle State Official visits as well as Celebrity visits including movement at airports and destinations for VIPs.

For conference planning, we co ordinate with your team leader and work to make your Business Meetings events /travel a success and when the conference/visit is in progress, as an active back office, we keep in touch with your team leader for any support that we can further help with.


Raymus Conventions and Travels is a
Travel Industry Designator Service
registered with IATA

Patron Member

Raymus Conventions and Travels is Patron Member of The Council of EU Chambers of Commerce in India


All voyages have common mission , principally, a sense of purpose combined with discovery, enlightenment, and experiences. These travels may be related to politics and diplomacy, scientific, medical research sharing, or of engineering and technology, or for business, commerce and trade development, strategic, cultural, sports meets, or just exploring sights and new experiences. The world is a classroom even for global knowledge captains and professionals alike as they go about exploring opportunities; understanding challenges, strengths, weaknesses and possibilities within growing economies, technologies, and cultures of the world. Simultaneously they embark on an inner journey of growth, self development, reinvention, elevation and enhancement. The world today has several centers of developed and emerging, energized economies and centers of specialized skills. These centers receive keen attention from international and domestic participants for interaction, seminars, group discussions, exploration sharing and serious business. This is resulting in increased number of business and professional travelers, to study, energize themselves and give themselves exposure to local authorities, thought leaders, specialists, environs and culture. Make the most of these opportunities with Raymus Conventions and Travels as your global assisting partner who understand and look for the best experiences for such enhancements for their patrons

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